evbharat - Boutique Hotel

As we welcome our guests in our spacious entrance with high ceilings, considered symbolic of historical houses, we offer you several different styles of rooms in our hotel. While three of our rooms on the gallery floor have a terrace opening, a third one draws attention to the natural structure of Alaçatı with its bay window. Our “special” room with authentic stone walls opening onto the garden will let you feel the past and bring you together with the view of the garden and colors of nature.
All rooms are decorated for couples and the bathrooms are designed in accordance with hygenic rules.

ev bharat welcomes you with joy and happiness.
  1. Total living area is 760m2

  2. A very special place where you can enjoy all the pleasures that the Aegean offers you

  3. Independent rooms and each decorated in unique and soothing styles.

  4. 10 minutes walk away from the village center of Alaçatı.

  5. A front desk opened and staffed 24/7

Our Boutique Hotel