Cesme - Alacatı

Alacati, being prominent in the history of viniculture and winemaking, its most prosperous period was while the Greeks were living in the area and nowadays it still attracts attention as a coastal town not having lost its historical structure. Alaçatı, preserving the two or three story Aegean Greek style houses stands out as one of the world’s premier surfing center. It is also one of the most popular resort areas due to its nature and the abundance of recreational options. Apart from the wind and the beauties you will encounter in its narrow streets that will relax your soul, Alaçatı also offers opportunities of daily vineyard and ecological tours, the eyecatching seaside resort is also famous with its festivals. The majority of Turkey’s most beautiful and natural structural hotels take place in Alaçatı; since it has been declared as an urban conservation area it will always maintain its value while being protected and treasured for generations to come. His pearl of the Aegean coast which also hosts many international competitions offers you classical music concerts as well as pleasant walks through its narrow cobbled streets will leed you to the art galleries and entertainment during the summer season while still having the privelege of pocessing the cleanest beaches.

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